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Local CT Commercial Sales

We at LawnPro cut our teeth in the industry through building TurfMasters, one of the most successful LCOs in the Northeast with over 13,000 active clients at time of sale. We understand the unique needs of professionals in the CT marketplace, and are happy to cater to you on a B2B level. We would love the opportunity to be your pesticide dealer of choice; please fill out the form below and we will be happy to get into contact with you about solutions we can provide you. No matter your size or what part of the green industry you’ve made your own, we feel we can be competitive and provide excellent options for your business.

Convenient Hartford Location with Unique Stock

If you find it more convenient to stop by in person, anyone from business owner to homeowner is always welcome to stop by our storefront located right off I-91 at 302 Murphy Rd, Hartford CT. Whether you need herbicide or fertilizer for your lawncare company, a specialty miticide for your greenhouse, a certain fungicide for your golf course greens and tees, or right-of-way products for your municipality we try to have it in stock for you to leave with today. The fact that LawnPro sells online gives us a unique ability to stock many niche products and options that were not previously available for purchase the same day in CT. We look forward to talking to you soon!

Visit Our Hartford Location!

We’re located at 302 Murphy Road, Hartford, CT 06114

Z-Spray Parts

Largest Array of Z-Spray Parts in Connecticut

Prior to starting LawnPro, the owner operated the largest fleet of Z-Sprayers in the entire country with 72 machines in one location at TurfMasters. LawnPro knows what parts break often and we keep a larger array of spare parts in stock than anywhere else in CT. Add onto that the fact that we have by far the most knowledge in CT for helping you diagnose what part is needed, and you’ve got a winning combination!

Don’t let a broken nozzle, pump, cable, or regulator keep you down for days. We work hard to have the best inventory so you can keep your Z-Spray running. If something breaks, come down to LawnPro and get yourself back up and running!

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