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The Annual Bluegrass Weevil (ABW), formerly known as the Hyperodes Weevil, is an insect that feeds almost exclusively on short-mown annual bluegrass (poa annua) and can be severely damaging in the right setting. Because the Annual Bluegrass Weevil only feeds on very low cut poa annua, damage is kept almost completely to golf courses and tennis courts, generally in the northeastern US. The ABW does its most extensive damage when the first generation of larvae are voraciously feeding in late-May and June. The ABW will feed on the main leaf shoot of the plant, and as it gets larger will feed on the crowns themselves. A single ABW larvae can kill multiple grass plants as it matures, and with populations that can reach over 400 larvae per square foot, damage can be very extensive when left unchecked. Damage can be easily confused with diseases, as at first you will simply see small yellow patches of turf that coalesce as feeding continues. Scouting is very important for control of these insects and due to the small size of the larvae, searching for damage from adults is often an easy early indicator. Adult damage is visible as notched feeding of poa annua leaves. Eggs and larvae are very difficult to control, so when looking for how to treat annual bluegrass weevils, try to apply broad-spectrum insecticides targeting adults in early spring as they come out from overwintering to lay eggs, and then also treat susceptible turf with preventative systemic insecticides that can kill ABW that feed on treated plants. While ABW is found mainly on golf courses and grass tennis courts, there are many golfers and tennis players who have greens or courts in their back yard for practice, and these are just as susceptible as golf courses tennis clubs themselves.

Acelepryn – Liquid Grub Control

Acelepryn is the latest in preventive grub control and has quickly become the industry standard. Acelepryn is one of the safest insecticides you can apply, and doesn’t even have a Caution word on its label. In addition to being the best control available for preventing white grubs, it is pollinator-safe, a huge improvement over older products for our environment. Over the last few years its no secret the most common preventive grub control on the market has started to show break through, particularly in areas with populations of the Oriental Beetle. Acelepryn does a great job on all white grub populations when applied early enough and watered in. When used according to instructions, Acelepryn is without question the best product available today to prevent grub damage and activity on your lawn. Even better, this 4 oz packaging allows homeowners to now use the same liquid formulation that was previously only available to professionals, golf courses, and sports turf. This liquid formulation is also excellent for control of carterpillars, bag worms, lacebugs, aphids, birch leafminer, and borer larvae on ornamental plants in the landscape and in greenhouses.


Acelepryn G



Conserve SC

Conserve SC is an organic-based insecticide for the control of various caterpillars, spider mites, and other insects that doesn’t harm beneficial insects.


Criterion 0.5 G Insecticide



Criterion 75 WSP Systemic Insecticide