Buy Do It Yourself Summer Patch Control, Professional Grade Summer Patch Killer Spray

Summer Patch is a root disease that is commonly confused with other diseases such as Brown Patch. As the name would suggest, Summer Patch is usually most present and harmful in the summer, particularly during hot, wet weather. Damage from this disease begins as small circles or rings that become straw colored in the center and continue to spread and coalesce over the period of a couple weeks. Around the edge of affected circles, grass that is actively being damaged can take on a more orange or bronze hue compared to the straw like center. The easiest way to diagnose the disease as summer patch is to pull damaged turf up and look at the crowns and roots, which will be brown or black, as summer patch is a root disease and rots these parts of the plant. When looking for how to control summer patch, use professional fungicides either in a preventative rotation or curatively as the first patches form. Leaving summer patch to progress for a week or two can leave significant damage.

Headway G

Headway G is an easy to apply granular fungicide combining Heritage and Banner Maxx fungicides to provide control of almost all turf diseases. Headway is the ideal product for people who don’t apply fungicides regularly and aren’t sure exactly what diseases they have in their lawn.


Heritage G

Heritage G is an easy to apply granular formulation of one the best turf fungicides available for residential use. Use Heritage to treat almost all common turf diseases, including red thread, brown patch, snow mold, pythium and more.