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While honeybees and many others are pollinators that the earth depends upon, wasp and hornets can be very dangerous pests to have around the home. Wasp and hornet stings can be lethal to those with allergies, and allergies can form after one or two significant stinging events, so the best thing to do is treat hives as soon as they are built. Broad-spectrum professional grade insecticides can be used to control these harmful pests, but it is more highly recommended to use wasp killers and hornet killers that are specifically purpose built for the job, as this will keep the applicator safest. When it comes to above-ground nests, always try to spray after sunset. When it comes to how to kill a hornets nest, or a wasps, these insects return to the hive every night to sleep; because of this, treating the nest after dusk ensure that you spray the nest while the whole colony is home, and you do it at a time where they will not come streaming out of the nest to attack you! LawnPro highly recommends PT Wasp-Freeze II Wasp & Hornet Insecticide, as this product provides instant knockdown of wasps before they can activate the pheromone to sting you and shoots a strong, direct 15’ spray, allowing you to treat nests from a safe distance. A thorough spray of the nest with Wasp-Freeze as dusk will allow you to wake up in the morning wasp and hornet free! For ground wasps, which can be a terrible surprise to the unsuspecting person with a lawnmower, pouring an insecticidal dust like DeltaDust down the opening of the nest can be an excellent remedy, again applied after dusk. Regardless of the route you choose, when looking for how to control hornets nests we had the products you need.




Essentria IC3

Essentria IC3 is an organic insecticide for the control of many flying and crawling insects including ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, bed bugs and many more. Essentria is safe to be used in homes and food preparation settings and the ideal product to use in organic gardens and organic pest control in general.


PT Cy-Kick CS Pressurized Insecticide

PT Cy-Kick CS is an aerosol insecticide meant to be applied in cracks and crevices to provide indoor control of ants, cockroaches, spiders, ticks, fleas, and many other nuisance pests. Cy-Kick CS’s microcapsule formulation helps provide extended residual control for weeks after application, and its aerosol technology eliminates the need for application equipment.


PT Wasp-Freeze II Wasp & Hornet Insecticide

PT Wasp-Freeze II is a specially formulated insecticide designed specifically for near instant knockdown of wasps and hornets. Knockdown occurs before the stinging pheromone is released, so the chance of stings to the applicator are reduced. With a powerful 15′ spray, PT Wasp-Freeze II is a great option to control individuals and entire nests from a safe distance.

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