Buy Do It Yourself Powdery Mildew Control, Professional Grade Powdery Mildew Killer Spray

Powdery Mildew is a disease found on turf as well as many types of landscape plants. Powdery mildew on grass is most commonly found in heavily shaded areas of dense turf during times of high humidity. The mycelium of powdery mildew on heavily infested turf is easily diagnosed as white, dusty or powdery material that looks as if someone poured flour or talcum powder over the grass. Heavy infestations of powdery mildew can cause grass blades to turn yellow or red and die off, so treatment is recommended. Generally-speaking preventative fungicides are not needed for powdery mildew on turf, but rather this is a disease that should be treated on a curative basis. While powdery mildew affects grass, it is actually far more harmful and common on certain landscape plants. Powdery mildew on landscape plants can vary greatly from not causing much harm in some plant species all the way to causing defoliation or even worse causing growth abnormalities such as distorted dwarfing of new growth, discoloration, and even forming witches brooms on certain plants. These symptoms are totally dependent on the species and variety of plant that is infested. Regardless of the type of plant and damage occured, the initial appearance of powdery mildew, which presents itself with white, powdery, dusty mycelium is a signature marker that the disease is present. Plants that are susceptible to serious damage from powdery mildew should be treated with a professional fungicide as soon as possible. When looking for how to treat powdery mildew on your landscape plants and grass, read through labels carefully. While many fungicides are only labeled for non-residential turf, these fungicides can often still be used on residential ornamental plants and are highly successful in this setting.

Headway G

Headway G is an easy to apply granular fungicide combining Heritage and Banner Maxx fungicides to provide control of almost all turf diseases. Headway is the ideal product for people who don’t apply fungicides regularly and aren’t sure exactly what diseases they have in their lawn.


Heritage G

Heritage G is an easy to apply granular formulation of one the best turf fungicides available for residential use. Use Heritage to treat almost all common turf diseases, including red thread, brown patch, snow mold, pythium and more.


Ultra-Pure Horticultural Oil

Ultra-Pure Horticultural Oil is a certified organic product for the control of powdery mildew as well many damaging insects commonly found on plants including aphids, adelgids, scale, mites, leafminers, mealybugs and more.