Buy Do It Yourself Termite Control, Professional Grade Termite Killer Spray

Termites are a close relative to cockroaches, however feed exclusively on wood and cellulose, so generally not a pest you come into contact with daily. While the termite’s ability to breakdown wood is incredibly valuable in our forests and environment as a whole, termite infestations in a house can be extremely costly and dangerous. Homes should be regularly scouted to ensure you don’t have any infestations, and if termites are found a thorough mitigation should be done through the use of foams, sprays, and bait stations where appropriate. When looking to control termites, LawnPros professional grade pest control products provide you with termiticides you need to keep termites out!




Termidor Foam

Termidor Foam is a termiticide foam, designed for controlling termites and wood damaging ants in the voids they use as harborages and food sources. Termidor controls all types of termites and can effectively wipe out entire colonies.