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Moles and Voles are two distinctly different pests but both can cause significant damage to lawns and landscapes. Moles are often associated with grub activity and while it is true that a lawn infested with grubs will often have mole activity due to the easy foraging, the truth is most of a moles diet consists of earthworms. Since moles mainly eat earthworms, they can be problem pests in healthy lawns and healthy soils, particularly when properties are near wooded areas. When looking for how to control moles in your lawn these rodents can be difficult to control, but certain baits like Talpirid have been found to be very effective when used properly and according to the label. Voles meanwhile prevent a different challenge as they feed on plant material like flower bulbs and even the bark/cambium of junipers over the winter. Voles also will leave paths that snake through the lawn in your turf which causes an extra springtime headache. When looking for how to control voles, rodenticides meant for mice can often be an effective control solution and should be used in bait boxes strategically placed around areas of activity like where landscape beds meet turf.

Talpirid Mole Bait


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