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Brown Patch is one the most common turf damaging diseases. Brown patch is best prevented in the lawn through a preventative fungicide program that includes a rotation of multiple fungicides throughout the year. Rotating fungicides is very important to prevent resistance when doing a proper preventative program. Brown patch can also be treated through curative fungicides after disease has already started doing damage. In cool season grass types you will most commonly find brown patch when daytime temperatures are in the mid-80’s or higher and stay in the 60’s overnight with high humidity. With weather conditions like this, brown patch can easily flourish. Improper watering, either at night or daily, can make brown patch more severe since brown patch thrive in high humidity. Brown Patch also thrives with Nitrogen, so try to apply low N fertilizers and fertilizers with a lot of slow release to minimize the effects your summer fertilizer can have in feeding brown patch. Brown patch will present itself as brown circles ranging from 6 inches to multiple feet wide. At the very beginning you will notice large gray ‘smoke rings’ in the lawn before brown patch progresses. And you start to see the brown damaged areas. Unfortunately, when lawns get severely drought stressed and weakened, brown patch easily flares up in the stressed turf. In situations like this, the turf may already be brown from drought, and you need to look closely are the damaged turf for black lesions to appear which are from brown patch. In warm season grasses you often see brown patch in the spring and fall in cooler weather, where you see it in the hot summer months in cool season turf. You can also come across cool season brown patch, most commonly found in the fall. Whether you are looking for how to control brown patch or how to prevent brown patch, we’ve got excellent options.

Chipco 26019 FLO



Headway G

Headway G is an easy to apply granular fungicide combining Heritage and Banner Maxx fungicides to provide control of almost all turf diseases. Headway is the ideal product for people who don’t apply fungicides regularly and aren’t sure exactly what diseases they have in their lawn.


Heritage G

Heritage G is an easy to apply granular formulation of one the best turf fungicides available for residential use. Use Heritage to treat almost all common turf diseases, including red thread, brown patch, snow mold, pythium and more.