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There are two main types of snow mold, Pink Snow Mold and Grey Snow Mold. Pink Snow Mold can become active when snow begins melting but is also found in the absence of snow. Because pink snow mold does not require snow cover, it can become an issue in cold, wet weather, particularly, when lush turf is present and there is a lot of soluble nitrogen. Pink Snow Mold will result in matted turf and also creates mycelium that looks like pink hairs/cobwebs, giving the disease its name. Grey Snow mold on the other hand requires snow to get going and is most commonly found in the spring as snow melts. Grey snow mold will leave grass blades matted and almost seemingly melted into each other and gets crusted, with grey mycelium present. When trying to learn how to prevent snow mold, there are a few things to do. First and foremost, let your lawn go dormant. Lush turf gives snow mold the ideal host, so dormancy is key. You also want to lower your mower blade, as this will both encourage dormancy and also minimize leaf tissue. The less leaf tissue you have going into the winter, the more air circulation you will have and the less opportunity for snow mold to flourish. Finally, to prevent snow mold or to treat snow mold, apply the appropriate professional fungicide! When treating grey snow mold in the spring, there are many products listed below that will do an excellent job; when preventatively treating you lawn, we highly recommend you use a product with the active ingredient Propiconazole, as studies have proven this fungicide to have the best residual effects throughout the winter. When looking for how to prevent snow mold, preventative snow mold fungicides are best applied in Late November or December before the first snowfall. If you have the opportunity to reapply in a mild February, this can be great in helping to prevent that spring disease!

Chipco 26019 FLO



Headway G

Headway G is an easy to apply granular fungicide combining Heritage and Banner Maxx fungicides to provide control of almost all turf diseases. Headway is the ideal product for people who don’t apply fungicides regularly and aren’t sure exactly what diseases they have in their lawn.


Heritage G

Heritage G is an easy to apply granular formulation of one the best turf fungicides available for residential use. Use Heritage to treat almost all common turf diseases, including red thread, brown patch, snow mold, pythium and more.