Professional Grade Lawn and Garden Spreaders

Chapin All Season SureSpread Spreader 80lb 8200

The Chapin All Season SureSpread is a durable spreader that packs high end features like a deflector and pneumatic tires into a homeowner spreader.

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Chapin Chest Mounted Spreader-Padded Strap

The ideal equipment to use when spreading granular products in areas push spreaders cannot go, such as landscape beds, gardens, and steep inclines.

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Chapin Hand Spreader- with Crank 8706

A great hand spreader for applying product in tough to access areas and small areas, whether seed, fertilizer, ice melt, or similar granular products.

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Chapin Stainless Steel Professional Turf Spreader 100lb 8400

The Chapin Stainless Steel Professional Turf Spreader is a feature-packed push spreader with the professional in mind. Durability comes standard with stainless steel frame, heavy duty metal-geared gearbox, and large 14” pneumatic tires.

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