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Rhizoctonia is not one specific disease but rather has many specific strains of pathogen within the larger Rhizoctonia family. Some of the Rhizoctonia diseases are specific to certain species of turf, while others affect a wide range. Similarly, symptoms can change depending on the host and the strain of disease. The most commonly dealt with strain of rhizoctonia is referred to as Brown Patch, a disease seen through many different turf species and one that is incredibly damaging. Symptoms can range from tan, blighted patches that spread rapidly in wet, humid weather to leaf spots on grass blades, either within the stand of grass or within the circular patches of turf. One identifying trademark of rhizoctonia in turf is with some species such as brown patch you can see what is called a smoke ring. As the name implies smoke rings are dark grey-brown rings of damage at the outer perimeter of the blighted patches of turf. Besides brown patch, another common rhizoctonia disease is yellow patch. When looking for how to treat rhizoctonia diseases it is always best to use preventative measures, as these diseases can spread aggressively in the proper weather conditions and damages large areas of turf. Many fungicides will have label rates for specific strains of rhizoctonia including brown patch and yellow patch, while also having rhizoctonia itself labeled for the treatment of less common strains of the disease.

Chipco 26019 FLO



Headway G

Headway G is an easy to apply granular fungicide combining Heritage and Banner Maxx fungicides to provide control of almost all turf diseases. Headway is the ideal product for people who don’t apply fungicides regularly and aren’t sure exactly what diseases they have in their lawn.


Heritage G

Heritage G is an easy to apply granular formulation of one the best turf fungicides available for residential use. Use Heritage to treat almost all common turf diseases, including red thread, brown patch, snow mold, pythium and more.


RootShield WP Biological Fungicide

RootShield WP is an organic certified biological fungicide for use in turf, crops, and ornamentals. RootShield should be used as a preventative treatment and prevents Pythium and other extremely harmful soil-borne diseases in many susceptible plants.


Trinity TR Total Release Fungicide

Trinity TR is a broad-spectrum fungicide using Total Release technology for the easy and convenient control of many diseases in the greenhouse setting.