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Ticks are one of the most harmful pests readily found on your property. As the carrier for Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and other harmful pathogens, ticks present a significant risk on your property. Lyme Disease is most associated with nymphal stage of the tick, so starting your sprays in early spring important, and then periodically through the year. Because adults over-winter and produce eggs (and nymphs!) fall applications are also very important. When looking for how to control ticks to the BEST of your ability use both an adulticide as well an insect growth regulator like Archer to prevent eggs from hatch and prevent nymphs from becoming adults. For best results, make sure that you treat unkept wood piles, leaf litter, dense moist ground coverage form things like pachysandra and ivys, stone walls, and woodlines. Ticks are not very mobile and so are mostly found in these areas, where they get left from previous hosts like white footed mice and deer. We carry both traditional tick control options as well as organic options, which don’t last as long but provide at least some control of these harmful insects on your property.

Archer Insect Growth Regulator

Archer is an Insect Growth Regulator which disrupts the development processes of many different insects through their life cycle, resulting in fewer applications and better control when combined with adulticides in an IPM program.





Essentria IC3

Essentria IC3 is an organic insecticide for the control of many flying and crawling insects including ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, bed bugs and many more. Essentria is safe to be used in homes and food preparation settings and the ideal product to use in organic gardens and organic pest control in general.


PT Alpine Flea & Bed Bug Aerosol

PT Alpine Flea & Bed Bug is an aerosol product for the treatment of fleas and bed bugs in the home. PT Alpine Flea & Bed Bug uses a reduced risk pesticide along with an insect growth regulator (IGR) to provide instant knockdown and long-term residual treatment of fleas and bed bugs.

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PT Cy-Kick CS Pressurized Insecticide

PT Cy-Kick CS is an aerosol insecticide meant to be applied in cracks and crevices to provide indoor control of ants, cockroaches, spiders, ticks, fleas, and many other nuisance pests. Cy-Kick CS’s microcapsule formulation helps provide extended residual control for weeks after application, and its aerosol technology eliminates the need for application equipment.


Talstar XTRA w/ Verge Granular Technology