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There are many types weevils, similar to how there are many types of beetles. While two very common weevils, the Annual Bluegrass Weevil and Black-Vine Weevil, have their own categories, this category caters to the larger class of weevils as a whole. Weevils are similar to beetles and billbugs in appearance and are most often confused with billbugs as both types insects even have snouts, an identifier that separates weevils and billbugs from beetles, however billbugs generally have thorax almost as wide as their abdomens, where weevils usually have thorax that are much skinnier than their abdomen. In addition to the Annual Bluegrass Weevil and Black-Vine Weevil, there are many types of conifer twig weevils including white pine weevils, Monterey weevils, and douglas-fir twig weevils, as well as bean weevils, cowpea weevils, rice weevils and grain weevils. All of these insects can be a nuisance, whether through damage to your landscape or by infesting stored grains in the home or farm setting. When it comes to conifer-twig weevils, damage occurs to infested plants as adults feed on new growth shoots and needles of host plants. When this happens, foliation and distorted terminals of branches can occur. Some species of twig weevils feed exclusively on this part of the plant s both larvae and adults, while other species only feed on needles and shoots as adults, with larvae instead feeding on roots of the trees near the soil. When dealing with root feeding larvae from species like Monterey pine weevils, severe infestations can cause damage to the root system and result in cankers developing roots. While conifer-twig weevils are pests for what they do to your landscape, many homeowners consider grain, rice, and bean weevils to far more of a nuisance as they can infest your home. These weevil species all feed on dry-stored grains, and if left unchecked can cause infestations in farm settings and even cupboards. Obviouisly, any time you have insects infesting food supplies, there are health and hygiene concerns that arrive. When looking for how to control weevils that are affecting your landscape pants, there are many routes to take, including the use of broad spectrum pyrethroids that control adults and active insects, as well as systemic insecticides such as imidacloprid, which provides preventative treatment by making the plant poisonous to weevils that would feed on it. When looking for how to control grain weevils that feed on dry-stored foods, products must be judiciously used that are safe in the environments being applied, so make sure you take location and type of weevil you are treating into account when choosing your control method All products are specifically labeled with where they can be safely and appropriately used.

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