Buy Do It Yourself Chinch Bugs Control, Professional Grade Chinch Bugs Killer Spray

Chinch bugs are one if the most common turf damaging insects and are best controlled on a curative basis. Chinch bugs thrive in hot, sunny areas, particularly southern facing slopes. Damage from the chinch bug starts are areas of turf that yellow out and then quickly become brown. Chinch bugs are piercing/sucking insects so in order to diagnose this damage as chinch bug and not drought or disease, you must get on your hands and knees and look in the thatch layer and on top of the soil, preferably in an area where the grass goes form good to bad, as this will be a transitional zone with the most activity. The nymphal stage of chinch bugs do most damage in the turf as they are so quickly growing. Nymphs will be bright red and smaller than pin head. Adults turn black and have a white spot resembling a cross on their back, which is caused by their wings. Adults can be up to 1/6th of an inch long and you will easily so the adults and nymphs running around in an infested area. Chinch bugs are most active between June and September, and sometimes they need to be treated multiple times in a year because a population of chinch bugs can have up to 5 generations in a single year. For years imidacloprid was the preventative grub control of choice and had the side benefit or suppressing chinch bug activity; as people move away from imidacloprid and use new, better grub controls like Acelepryn (chlorantraniliprole), expect to see more chinch bug activity in your lawns as Acelepryn does not suppress chinch bugs at all. When looking how to control chinch bugs in your lawn, look no further than our wide selection of effective professional grade insecticides labeled for chinch bugs.

Acelepryn – Liquid Grub Control

Acelepryn is the latest in preventive grub control and has quickly become the industry standard. Acelepryn is one of the safest insecticides you can apply, and doesn’t even have a Caution word on its label. In addition to being the best control available for preventing white grubs, it is pollinator-safe, a huge improvement over older products for our environment. Over the last few years its no secret the most common preventive grub control on the market has started to show break through, particularly in areas with populations of the Oriental Beetle. Acelepryn does a great job on all white grub populations when applied early enough and watered in. When used according to instructions, Acelepryn is without question the best product available today to prevent grub damage and activity on your lawn. Even better, this 4 oz packaging allows homeowners to now use the same liquid formulation that was previously only available to professionals, golf courses, and sports turf. This liquid formulation is also excellent for control of carterpillars, bag worms, lacebugs, aphids, birch leafminer, and borer larvae on ornamental plants in the landscape and in greenhouses.


Criterion 0.5 G Insecticide



Criterion 75 WSP Systemic Insecticide



Essentria G

Essentria G is a granular organic insecticide for use in your lawn and landscape. Essentria G safely provides control of many harmful insects on your property. The ideal solution for surface insects like ants, fleas, chinch bug, sod webworm, fire ants and more in sensitive areas like schools, day cares, and organic facilities.


Essentria IC3

Essentria IC3 is an organic insecticide for the control of many flying and crawling insects including ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, bed bugs and many more. Essentria is safe to be used in homes and food preparation settings and the ideal product to use in organic gardens and organic pest control in general.


Talstar XTRA w/ Verge Granular Technology