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Needlecast diseases can do significant damage to evergreens, particularly firs and pines. The reason these diseases can be so devastating it that when a tree is defoliated by needlecast, that tree will no regenerate new needles and so the tree can lose its aesthetic appeal. Needle cast is caused by poor air circulation and high humidity; for this reason doing cultural things like removing any tall grasses and weeds by the base of the tree can help with disease prevention. Fungicides can also be helpful in preventing disease; fungicides should begin to be applied in the spring before heat and humidity becomes an issue and continued until these weather patterns are done. When looking for how to treat needlecast, LawnPro has some excellent fungicides for the prevention of needlecast. Treating trees after disease has set in as a curative fungicide can have varied effects and may not prevent defoliation of needles that are already damaged. Other maintenance practices such pruning and removing lower branches can help increase air circulation and prevent the build-up of humidity that promotes needlecast.