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Moss can be a huge problem in lawns and is treated in a way unlike any other weedy-type plants. Due to the lack of a root system and unique way of growing, not only are almost all weed controls ineffective at controlling moss but also most non-selective herbicides are similarly ineffective. Because of the lack of many chemical controls, you really must address the environmental concerns in your lawn that allowing moss to grow and thrive. Moss loves acidic soil, moisture, compacted soil and shade, so some combination of these issues is most likely at the heart of why you have moss issues in your lawn. First and foremost in addressing moss, a soil sample can be very helpful in giving you insights into you soil composition (clay soils tend to be more compacted and keep water at the surface more) and your soil pH. With heavy moss, usually soil pH is something that needs to be addressed. In the long term, dolomitic limestone can be very helpful in adjusting soil pH, but when looking for a quicker fix we recommend that you look to calcitic limestone which works much more quickly in adjusting pH. From there, aeration can help a lot with alleviating soil compaction, so it highly recommended. A beneficial application when dealing with these compact soils can be soil surfactants, which allow water to move more freely through the soil profile rather than sit on the surface encourage moss. Similarly, humic acids are excellent soil amendments that improve your soil profile and help with compaction. Shade is a significant issue to address as well when trying to control moss, as moss thrives in shaded areas with minimal sunlight and at the same time grass needs sunlight to grow, so shaded areas tend to have thinner turf, opening up areas for moss to take advantage. Raising tree canopies to more sunlight can have a great effect on mitigating moss, but only after the various soil conditions previously discussed are first addressed. Many times, homeowners have their trees trimmed and are disappointed that moss comes back, when in reality, that was only one small piece to the puzzle. When you have addressed your soils’ and environmental concerns and are looking for how to kill that moss that is still remaining, there are a few options at your disposal. QuickSilver is one product very commonly used by golf course superintendents for the treatment of silvery threaded moss on bentgrass stands and has been found to also have some success with other species of moss. Aside from that, there are various Iron based products available, usually including something like ferrous sulfate, which will turn moss black and die. Realize even when using these products, you generally need to rake out the dead moss, there’s not a great way of avoiding that when killing off thick, healthy moss.

QuickSilver T&O Herbicide

QuickSilver T&O Herbicide is a fast-acting post-emergent herbicide for some mature broadleaf weeds and mosses that can be used in cool and warm weather. QuickSilver can be used on immature, newly seeded turf before other herbicides, making it unique. It is also a valuable mix partner with other herbicides, allowing visible results to occur much faster.

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